Sports-Specific Portfolio prepared for Mile 44

Hi! This website is my primary portfolio, but I’ve created a sports-specific portfolio below that includes some work that’s not on this site. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


Good Sports I know you’re familiar with Good Sports, so I’ll begin with them. These two pieces were created by me while working at my current agency. I did pre-production, all production-day coordination, all shooting, and all editing.

This is a short piece I did independently of my agency to promote the Legends Gala. Square social versions of these pieces were also delivered, as is the case for most of my work.

And of course, the Bridgeport piece Hanna and I did, with some still photographs I shot…

Milton Academy See a fundraising promo for a rivalry day below. I shot and edited this (some of the footage was from previous pieces I did for them). I didn’t have control over the graphics or voiceover.

A Local Hockey Club Shot this for a local hockey club called Stinkysocks to promote their Fenway event. If it feels slow, it’s designed that way. The client liked that feel.

Sports Photography I shoot quite a bit of sports photography - some examples below.

And as I mentioned to Hanna, I’m shooting the first event of Paul Rabil’s new Premier Lacrosse League this coming weekend. Seemed like a Mile 44-type client!

Thank you!